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The Book

Throughout the project we have been working on method development for norm-creative multilingual performing arts. The experiences we gain throughout the project will be gathered in a book, as well as here on the website. With this book we want to contribute with more knowledge in the field and make the performing arts more accessible across language boundaries. 

Photographer: Rebecka Holmström


As part of the method development, a seven-part method seminar will be held throughout the project with researchers, artists and practitioners. Themes for the seminar will be Body and Norm-Creativity, Translatability, Interactive Performing Arts, Multilingual Performing Arts, Norm-Critical Perspectives on Integration, and Language and Identity.

Seminar participants are Farnaz Arbabi, Helena Bani-Shoraka, Gustav Deinhof, Athena Farrokhzad, Kristina Hagström-Ståhl, Vanja Hamidi Isacsson, Ellinor Lidén, Ebba Petrén, Hana Suzuki Ernström och Ylva Svensson.

Photographer: Rebecka Holmström