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We would be happy to come to your school to play The Choreography. The performance is suitable from 10 years old and up. In Sweden it is often possible to finance performances through Creative School. Talk to your principal and see how your school can go about seeking support for the Creative School. On this page we have gathered all the information you need to book.

Photographer: Rebecka Holmström

How does the performance work?

The Choreography is a participatory performance. This means that the audience participates by listening to a voice through a pair of headphones. Only the participating audience will be in the room – there are no dancers or actors in the performance, and no one else is watching.

  • The performance comprises half a class, with a maximum of 16 persons at a time.
  • The performance lasts about 60 minutes including an introduction and audience talk afterwards.
  • The performance requires no prior knowledge and everyone can join in!
  • The performance is available in Arabic, Dari, English, Farsi, Finnish, German, Kurdish (Sorani), Meänkieli, North Sami, Norwegian, Pashto, Russian, Somali, Spanish, Swedish Thai and Turkish. Each pupil can choose anonymously which language they want to hear through the headphones.

What kind of room is needed?

The Choreography can play in, for example, a gymnasium, an auditorium, a blackbox or a larger movement room and requires no advanced technical equipment.

  • The room shall have a free floor area of ​​at least 9 × 9 meters and a ceiling height of 3 meters.
  • The room should be able to make dark.
  • The room should have access to 3FAS or 1 x 16A.
  • We need 16 chairs in the room.

Supplement with a workshop

You can supplement the performance by booking a movement workshop which one half of the class can participate in while the other class does The Choreography. The workshop is based on cooperation and solving problems together.

Teacher’s Guide

If you are a teacher with pupils who will attend The Choreography, read this guide prior to the performance. If you want to continue working with the performance afterwards, there are also suggestions for follow-up questions.

Link to Teacher’s Guide 

Do you want to book The Choreography or learn more?

Send an email to or phone 0730678858.

Schools in the City of Stockholm can use the Kulan subsidy programme which offers a premium for each student.

Book through Kulan

Photographer: Rebecka Holmström