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The Project

The Choreography – Interactivity, Language and Integration: Method Development for Norm-Creative Performing Arts
wants to make the performing arts accessible for everyone. The project aims to create a norm-creative cultural experience in several languages ​​and to develop methods in interactive performing arts, multilingualism and integration.

The project is based on an interactive performance in Swedish called The Choreography (Koreografin in Swedish). During the project the performance has been translated into nine additional languages in order to give more people the opportunity to participate and to meet across language boundaries. At the same time, the project develops methods for performing arts that can contribute to increased knowledge, greater accessibility and more multilingual performing arts. The project will conclude with a tour around Sweden that will spread the performance and the method across the country.


The project is being implemented in collaboration with a reference group of multilingual young people from Haninge Municipality in Stockholm. A group of researchers and artists will also follow the project and participate in a series of seminars in order to contribute their knowledge to the process of method development. Our partners are Haninge Municipality, ABF Stockholm Interpreter Training, Unga Klara, Dance Consultants in Sweden and the Cultural Education Council.

The project is supported by the Swedish Inheritance Fund (Allmänna Arvsfonden) between the years 2018 and 2020.



Language and movement meet at projekt Koreografin – Totally Stockholm 2018
“The idea for the project came when they were running courses with school-age students, and they realised that recently-arrived students weren’t able to participate fully due to the language barrier. This lead them to search for a way of creating a method of instruction that would work across multiple languages, as dance that blends languages is therefore a good medium to help people overcome language barriers and integrate into a society.”

“Scenkonst där de unga själva får gå i rollerna” – Dagens ETC 2019
“The performance is based on movement and the idea is that the students will learn more about how the way we move can affect what we think, see and feel.”


Have a listen!

Click here to listen to a sample of The Choreography in English.


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